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The ATD notes are in pdf format and are in line with the new syllabus


  1. Introduction to Financial Accounting
  2. Principles of Business Law
  3. Entrepreneurship and Communication
  4. Information Communication Technology


  1. Financial Accounting
  2. Principles of Management
  3. Business Mathematics and Statistics
  4. Fundamentals of Finance


  1. Principles of Economics
  2. Fundamentals of Management Accounting
  3. Principles of Public Finance and Taxation
  4. Auditing

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    Pliz send me notes on ATD level 1 commercial law and entrepreneurship and communication and ICT

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    can you study ATD 3 at home and pass, or should i just go to school

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      Hi,yes you can use our quality study materials to read on your own then sit for the exam. For details Call/Text/Whatsapp 0724962477

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