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  1. Stephen says:

    Stephen makau
    Kindly send me DCM past past papers via my email stevemakau813@gmail.com

  2. Hi, kindly send me revision materials for advanced financial management (CPA PART 3)

  3. Sophie says:

    Your materials are asking for a password, does someone need to pay for them?

  4. COZY says:

    can i get Financial Mathematics and Financial Institutions and Markets past papers? CIFA

  5. Karen says:

    Kindly send me management accounting past papers and their solutions

  6. Vikki me says:

    Can I get atd level 1 past papers

  7. skyluck says:

    Hi can i get CICT past papers for section 1?

  8. fredrick omondi says:

    hello, can I get 2017 pas t papers for atd1

  9. veronica says:

    i need cict revision papers part II , principle of accounting and operating systems practical

  10. Manuel says:

    Past papers gor CICT section 1

  11. Faith says:

    Thank you.

  12. obara says:

    Your study materials are perfect
    Am interested in CIFA PART 2.

  13. maurice says:

    Kindly send me past paper questions of financial institution and marketing section two part one kasneb

  14. purity says:

    hi i have done the revision well but i keep on failing financial report papers …what exactly is required/

    • Kasneb Notes says:

      Hello Purity,do you have adequate study and revision materials for the said unit? Download various materials on our website that you may not be having at your disposal

  15. Johannes says:

    Is revision papers available?

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