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Download KASNEB CPS(CS) Notes from this page.Click on the respective units to download the sample copies for quality confirmation.To receive study notes  directly to your email,CALL/TEXT/Whatsapp 0724 962 477

The notes are comprehensive and have been  revised extensively in line with the new syllabus.The study notes are in pdf format


  1. Organisational Behaviour
  2. Business Law
  3. Business Communication


  1. Economics
  2. Principles of Accounting
  3. Public Finance and Taxation



  1. Company Law
  2. Financial Management
  3. Principles and Practice of Management


  1. Corporate Secretarial Practice
  2. Management Information System
  3. Law and Procedure of Meetings



  1. Human Resource Management
  2. Financial Markets Law
  3. Governance and Ethics


  1. Strategic Management
  2. Public Policy and Administration
  3. Governance and Secretarial Audit

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  1. Habiba says:

    Hi, please share Corporate secretarial practice and meetings

  2. Everline Mbero says:

    Hello, I need revision notes for Financial Management and company Law.

  3. Jackline says:

    I need cs revision kit how do I download it?

  4. teclah says:

    hi send me notes for;1. law and procedure of meetings & 2.Corporate Secretarial Practice

  5. Jackline says:

    Hi please send me notes for Organization behavior

  6. Zangabai Stella Waraga says:

    This is so good for my career aspiration. How do i enroll?

  7. Daud Halake says:

    Kindly send mi section three notes is it free or you charge us…

  8. John Maithya says:

    Hi,Send me law and procedure of meeting past paper of Dec 2019

  9. Karigu Mutugi says:

    Hello, Send me sample questions of corporate secretarial practice and Law and Procedure of meetings

  10. Daniel Mosbei says:

    Sent me cs section one past papers 2018 and May 2019.

  11. TIM says:

    Hi,Send me sample of corporate secretarial practice and Law and Procudure of meetings

  12. TIM says:

    Hi,Send me sample of corporate secretarial practice

  13. Caroline says:

    Kindly send me sec 3 &4 complete study texts

  14. Adow says:

    Kindly, i request for summary notes on Business law NOT complete notes

  15. geoffrey says:

    Kindly send me samples of cs organizational behavior

  16. BETTY KAYUYU says:

    Hae, please share with me Cs notes for part two and other part plus revision kit if you have one.


  17. Nyundo says:

    I need CPS notes sec 4 Corporate Secretarial Practice and Law and Procedure of Meetings

  18. Lucky Litole says:

    Can you recommend a private tutor for public finance and taxation unit?
    For CPS

  19. winfred says:

    do you have Public policy and Administration notes

  20. Hi,

    With a BCom Degree in Finance and CPA(K), how many units would I enroll for in CPS?

  21. Kenneth says:

    How much for Section 3 and 4 notes?

  22. June Kahata says:

    Thanks i have received the notes,do you have revision kits for Section 2?

  23. Mercy cherop says:

    Hello please advise how i can get section one notes,i need them urgently

  24. Paul says:

    Do you have notes for
    Human Resource Management
    Financial Markets Law
    Governance and Ethics?
    i.e sec5

  25. Angel says:

    Good afternoon please send me samples for law and procedure of meetings and corporate secretarial practice,will appreciate

  26. Angel says:

    I need the following materials sent to my email
    Corporate Secretarial Practice
    Management Information Systems
    Law and Procedure of Meetings

  27. Grace says:

    Hi,Please share sample of Governance notes for section 5 and 6.

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