Proven Study Tips and Techniques

Top Ten Tips for Revision

Tip 1 Time management

Start by setting out a timetable for your study. This should be prioritized as per your exam dates. Or plan in your assessment submissions so that you can work out how much time it will take to research, write and edit. Make sure you include scheduled breaks and be disciplined, remember it’s you neck on the line!

 Tip 2 Learning Environment

Find an environment that suits your learning needs. This could be a tidy quiet space or a cluttered space with music, different contexts for different people but just make sure the distraction are minimum and the lighting is effective.

Tip 3 The objective is to learn not cram

If you can understand the information as you cover the topic and make linkages at the time, when it comes to preparing for an exam it will be more of a refresher rather than understanding and learning the subject from scratch.

Tip 4 Take short notes

Re-writing your notes and using your own words and concepts puts information into terms you understand and helps you to relate to them better by linking the information and topics.

Tip 5 Find a Study partner

Okay not everyone fair on well with other but forming a study group with friends lets you share what you’ve learnt and gives you a chance to ask or answer questions to support your learning process.

Tip 6 Picture what you know

Visualizing your notes helps to form linkages in information, aiding recall in exams. Also, reciting information while you’re writing it or after you’ve written it involves another sense when learning.

Tip 7 Become a teacher

Once you’ve learnt a topic, test yourself by teaching the topic to someone who doesn’t know anything about it, like a family member or a friend, just don’t be a showoff. This will help you to understand if you know the subject as well as you thought and whether there are any gaps to review.

Tip 8 Use past papers

When you’re practicing a past paper, time yourself so you get used to making sure you spend the right amount of time on each section.

Tip 9 Keep fit and be healthy

Am sure you have heard of the say all work and no play yada yada yada, so when studying and on exam day eat healthy, nutritious food and snacks to maintain your energy levels and focus. In your planned breaks go for a short walk to get some fresh air or do some exercise, and make sure you get enough sleep.

Tip 10 Have it all planned

Make sure you know what you need to take along with you, double check the location and time, and plan your journey so you’re well prepared and not panicking on the day.

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